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Perfect those pinkies...

Did you know. . .

LCN's high performance UV Gel system can be traced back over 80 years and was originally develped for dental use!!

I use the advanced 'sculptured' nail system, not tips. LCN nail care products represent the highest standards of quality. I use a range of 'hand filing' techniques in order to create a 'natural' looking nail. A wide range of gel applications are tailor made to suit every nail shape, length and colour.

In addition, I offer;

  • Protein Manicure

  • Natural Boost Manicure

  • UV Recolution Manicure



There's a treatment solution for every need.  Let me treat YOU!!

Troubleshoot those talons...

Do you need a boost to your nail tech skills and confidence? Maybe I can help you!
I can visit YOUR workspace with YOUR client and help to troubleshoot YOUR gel techniques.

Or, if you're adding nails to your Salon space I can help with your planning and mentoring.
Take that next step to nail perfection!


I am Tracy Maddox...

Level 3 LCN Nail Consultant.

My ''Natural Nails'' business has been established since 1997. I can offer personal nail consultations and create beautiful, natural looking nails to suit you and your lifestyle.

In addition, I am a certified Regional Trainer on behalf of Beauty Concepts International.


The LCN Education Programme is wide ranging and flexible. The training centre in Peterborough offers courses to meet all your development needs, from Foundation through to Advanced Skills.

Remember; Training is the key to your success!


For details of Training packages and Special Offers contact me or BCI.


Contact me directly to find out more about
the training offers avaiable now.

Call ME 07808 860676